Cathy Cassidy’s Chocolate Festival

Welcome to Cathy Cassidy’s Chocolate Festival!

To celebrate Fortune Cookie - the series finale of the Chocolate Box series - we’re having a chocolate party!!

To help us, we’d like you to design and create the most delicious chocolates you can to share with all your friends, along with some secret fortunes too!

So come on in, find out more about Fortune Cookie and invent your very own chocolate treats for Cathy Cassidy’s Chocolate Festival
– yummy!

Send some chocolates to your friends!

Choose a ready-made chocolate from the tray and choose a secret fortune from the list. Once you’re happy with your Chocolate Festival selection, use the buttons to send your Chocolate Box to your friends.

Secret Fortunes

In Fortune Cookie, Jake and his sisters each receive a special fortue - which will you choose to send to your friends?

Follow the steps to create the most delicious chocolates you can think of for Cathy Cassidy’s festival!

1. Choose a chocolate style





2. Choose a chocolate type

Dark Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Marbled Chocolate

3. Choose a flavour